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Outreach meeting 20200930



  • next communications
  • site visits
  • wikipedia page about Virgo
  • document for outreach reorganization
  • page in public site on sources (and animations by gepp&co)
  • visibility of virgo
  • virgo representative in IGrav
  • AOB


Vincenzo, Gary, GiuseppeDB, Isabel, Nicolas, Jerome, Valerio, CarloB, Livia


  • next major result to communicate will be the O3a catalog paper. At least a couple of weeks. No press release but just web site news and activities in social networks. Brainstorming about what outreach resource Ego-Virgo can produce on that occasion. A starting point could be new version of Geppo's animations under development by Vincenzo. However we agree that the focus should be ligo-virgo and not virgo only for the catalog paper. If you have idea for an outreach product on the catalog paper, it's time to share it.
  • the first test of remote site visits will be tomorrow. So far the remote visits are planned to be on tuesday and saturday mornings as in the past. On tuesdays mr Colacino will tour, hired by Ego; on saturday we need people from the Collaboration. An email was sent by Fabozzi on the remote visit to virg-l and to the ego list. We should adapt the questionnaire for visitors to the case of remote vists. The remote visits can be multilanguage and advertized to schools/people abroad.
  • updating wikipedia page of Virgo is taking long. There have been a few meetings during summer: Valerio will organize new meeting for next week and see what people have written. Some parts (the one by Isa) are ready. Maybe ready parts can be uploaded to wikipedia before everything is ready, if the full process advances so slowly. It is suggested to use as starting point pages that have been updated recently on the public web site (eg sources, AdV). Epo has started effort for updating gw pages in wikipedia: so far on halt.
  • the document for outreach reorganization should be sent to the VSC well in advance (Livia will verify timing with Giovanni): next VSC meeting is on Oct 21st. So far deadline for comments on 1st circulation is set on Oct 8th. Maybe we can have a 1.5 version before next meeting (ie Oct 7th morning): discuss at the meeting and implement last minute changes on 9th morning and circulate the 2nd version on Oct 9th to the list. Then wait for comments over the weekend, have final version on Oct 12 and send to the VSC on Oct12 afternoon.
  • IGrav wants a representative of Virgo. Volunteers? light load. If none volunteers, one among Isabel, Livia and Nicolas who are already involved in IGrav) will do. Gary will represent Ego, already discussed with Stavros.
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