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SVN OnLine use

On Olserver53 (or particular server)

to test as virgod the commands are the following:
#>dibiase@olserver53[~]: sudo -u virgod -i
#>[sudo] password for dibiase:
#>sourcing /virgoApp/Virgo/v16r1/cmt/ …
#>The domain Cascina is now configured.
#>virgod@olserver53[~]: echo $KRB5CCNAME virgod@olserver53[~]: unset KRB5CCNAME virgod@olserver53[~]: kinit -k -t /home/virgod/krb5keytab_virgod virgod/
where "advconf" is the repository each linux user can "co" Work Space but only "virgod" can "ci"

Web Interface:

web frontend (websvn):

SVN Server

  • svn, version 1.7.14 (r1542130)
  • Repository disk 10GB
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