Cascina EGO-Virgo accounts

Account Types

There are three types of accounts at Cascina, which are all described below.

Please note that these account types are not inter-dependent, so changing the password for one will not change the passwords for the other accounts.

Active Directory accounts are used to:
  • for all users:
  • for Virgo users only:
    • log-in to the EGO Windows workstations;
    • log-in to the EGO wireless network.

Requesting and managing an Active Directory account
  • If you do not have an Active Directory account, please refer to the EGO User Profile page, which provides all of the required information
  • The same page can be used to reset your password: click on 'Reset Active Directory password' and undertake the required two-step procedure.

2 - LINUX accounts

LINUX accounts are used to:
  • establish a single desktop session via Thinlinc on the workstation clusters pointing to these front-ends:
    • for the nodes;
    • for the nodes.
  • access the command line via SSH of each of the following nodes:
    • the nodes in the range to;
    • the olserver nodes;
    • and the ctrl nodes.
Requesting and managing a LINUX account

A LINUX account can be requested by sending an e-mail to Remember to add the e-mail address of your Collaboration Reference Person in CC to your e-mail. Please include the following information:
  • Forename;
  • Surname;
  • Institute e-mail address;
  • Institute name;
  • Collaboration to which you belong (Virgo, LSC, KAGRA);
  • The name of the Collaboration Reference Person, you add in CC to the e-mail.

3 - Working Area accounts

These are used to access the EGO-Virgo Working Area legacy software.

Requesting and managing a Working Area account

A Working Area account can be requested by sending an email to

Requesting further assistance

Further assistance, should it be required, can be requested by contacting the EGO IT Department at the following email address:
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