-take MAC address on the box and authorize networks access using MAC Authentication (then during the configuration will be activated 802.1x authentication)

-connect the AP to a serial port of workstation using console cable (and console plug behind the AP)

-power on the AP using a network cable on "ENET0" port

-press "enter" during the boot to enter in configuration mode

-with the command "setenv" set the following parameters:

setenv name “AP-name”

setenv ipaddr

setenv netmask

setenv gatewayip

setenv dnsip

setenv master

setenv domainname ego-gw.it

setenv uplink_vlan 1



-check if the AP is available on the network

-go to the web interface of the WI-FI controller (https://wificontroller1.ego-gw.it:4343) with username “admin” and password “networkpassword”

-after the first contact with WI-FI controller the AP will do a reboot for image upgrade

-in the WI-FI controller interface go to the "configuration" tab and into "AP installation" menu select "whitelist"

-in the end of the list you can find and modify the raw of the new AP and you need to select ‘Factory-cert” and “certified-factory-cert” to complete the AP configuration, then update.

-go to the tab "configuration" and AP menu under “wizard”, follow the wizard changing only IP parameters (set manual) and the name of AP at the step 4 “AP Settings”

-at the last wizard configuration step, set the group of the AP (usually the start group is “Default”)

-Then go tab configuration AP installation and select your new AP and click on “Provision”, then you can compile the text boxes you need for the configuration (see another workly AP; for the 802.1x insert username: "accesspoint@vlan1" password: "Acc3ssP0InT")
  • then click Apply and Reboot
  • To complete the configuration need to go also on https://airwave1.ego-gw.it using your AD account
  • At the top of first page you can see the section new device, click on it, select your new device in the list, select the group “access point” and add you device in new collection
  • In some minutes you will see into the device list your AP in “up” status and “good” configuration.
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