Mobile Application

If you are outside EGO, you need to use the VPN (use this guide).

To download the 3CX app, select the reference store of your mobile device.

android.png ios.png

First Use

To use the application it is necessary to register the account by scanning the QR code (available in the registration email or in the WebClient in the Settings section) as in the following figure:





Daily use

To use a contact from the company directory, select the "Contacts" tab shown in the following figure:





To dial a number not in the directory, use the numeric keypad by selecting the "Keyboard" tab:





To use the call log (input / output) select the "Recent" tab:





By pressing on the square at the top right we can set the status of the line, to be chosen between:

- Available: all devices connected to the telephone extension ring (when a device answers the call, the others stop ringing).

- Do not disturb: incoming calls are not accepted.

- Office only: mobile apps don't ring.


change status ENG.jpg


cambia stato.png

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