Diskless RTPC changelog

by Stefano Cortese — last modified 2012-11-15 18:30


  • added and configured the dhcpd and tftpd servers and the second ethernet interface eth1 for the LAPP camera system
  • recompiled the linux- kernel with modification in the adl_pci6208 comedi driver
  • modified the disklessrc boot script removing the NFS file mounts in the /lib/modules/.. subdirectories (intrdhack_1.img ramdisk image)
  • added the netfs stop script in runlevel 6 in order to speed the reboot
  • removed the nfslock boot script from all runlevel (it is already embodied in the kernel)
  • moved the /var/lock/subsys directory to tmpfs RAM filesystem
  • added various development rpm packages
Notes for the migration:
  • copy the following files from the read-write client snapshot tree to every other snapshot tree:
    • etc/sysconfig/network ( NOZEROCONF=yes )
      etc/fstab (/var/lock/subsys on tmpfs)


Same features as v3r81_1 except that the kernel has been recompiled with the LOCALVERSION variable in the .config file set to the current HAL and RTAI versions so that they show up in the kernel name (such that with "uname -a" command
  • on 15-11-2012: compiled the module for the e1000e (Intel PCI express) NIC (already in the distribution) - installed with make_modules_install on the prototype host
    This included changing the initrd image to initrdhack_3 with the module added (and various files under /lib/modules/.../ changed as in the root image without passing through the diskless RH utility) - also the tokenring and tulip stuff has been removed from the initrd image to conserve space.

    To respect the device naming order needed for both the pxe boot and the operating system, the order of the modules probing in /lib/modules/.../modules.order should be e1000e before tg3. In this way when the Intel e1000 PT spare board is plugged in and the BIOS boot priority configured accordingly ( higher port first ) the diskless image works with or withouth the integrated motherboard NICs
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