Linux Printer System

  • Print Server:
  • CUPS Web Interface:
    • From here you can:
      • see a linux Printers list
      • manage your print-job (Status, delete, move, resend)
The printing system is CUPS and is configured on all the linux workstations and farmn nodes.

The commands are the usual ones to print on unix except that:

To list the available printer queues the command is

How to add printers in Linux Systems

If you are using a personal device that runs a linux operating system, then you need to perform the following steps in order to list the printers on it
  • installation of cups (use the appropriate package manager for your OS)
    • # yum install cups
  • configure cups
    • # vi /etc/cups/client.conf
    • Add following content and save it
      • ServerName
  • restart cups service
    • # systemctl restart cups

Now all the printers will be available on your system

How to add printer in Apple MAC OS X

You need to be connected to EGO WiFi SSID.

To see a linux Printers list: cups printers.png

Now you need to enable Advanced Printer Settings in Printer Tab on System Preferences.

Then, to add cob_floor0 (for instance that one in front of Control Room)

ADD Printer (+) -→ Advanced

Tipo: "Windows printer via spoolss"

Dispositivo: "Un altro dispositivo"

URL: "smb://pcserver2/cob_floor0"



Location: xxxxxxx
Select Software → HP LaserJet 700 color MFP M775

HP drivers installation on Mac OS X

drivers HP per MAc OS X.

Can be downloaded from here:

and install the .dmg package

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